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External Liposuction without surgery

LASER Liposuction

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Can you tell me about external liposuction? I heard there is a noninvasive liposuction technique - using external liposuction without surgery.

Have you heard about this method?


Thank you for your inquiry regarding 'external liposuction'. To my knowledge there is no such thing as liposuction without surgery.
Dr. Capuano uses external (and internal) ultrasound during liposuction procedures, which might be what you mean. I know of no way to remove fat beneath the skin without surgery. The use of ultrasound can "break up" fatty deposits, making removal easier with less bruising. Hope this helps..

Laurie at Dr. Capuano's office.

Dr Capuano's comments

To use the word liposuction in combination with other words you should know what liposuction means and stands for.

Traditionally and logically, the use of the word liposuction comes from lipo (fat) and suction (suction) - and should mean just that - fat suction. Now if someone has figured out a way of removing fat without suction - they should - if they are not using suction make up another term for the procedure.

How about lipo-sans-suction or - fat without suction (from the French word without - sans)

So - if there is no suction - it's not suction !! not lipo suction !!!

But - does that mean that mean that liposuction is the only way to remove fat? - no.

EFM or External Fat Melt

If an external device, such as the external ultrasonic equipment that we use, is applied long enough to an area of fat, the fat will 'melt'. This should be called for example, external ultrasonic fat ablation, or how about external fat melting . So I will use the term 'external fat melt' or EFM.

What happens with the use of external ultrasound is that fat is heated. If a very powerful ultrasound is used, the temperature of the area rises to cause cell death. When the fat cells die, the content of the cells leaks into the surrounding fat tissue. The liberated oils and dead cells are then cleaned up by the body's normal mechanisms. Thus fat tissue is lost. This is probably what is being touted as external liposuction that is for our purposes it is called EFM.

Well why not use the EMF procedure. This seems to makes sense and can be used. But there are obvious potential problems - as with any procedure.

At this time surgeons have no accurate, real time method of monitoring the heat applied through external ultrasound. Excessive heat injury can occur and cause excessive fat cell death in one area. This can result in local accumulations of dead fat. Fat cysts, local excessive scarring, local irregularities, etc. could occur. The skin itself and underlying muscle nerves and bone might also be heated. Complications could arise from injury to such tissues.

It is my opinion that the development of accurate monitoring of tissue temperature and the ability to control the depth of penetration of the ultrasound, will allow this technique to become more useful. Right now however, it should be used in very select situations.

So why 'External Liposuction' when it isn't

So why is the above procedure called external liposuction? My take is that in many instances words are manipulated to get attention. This creative 'word-smithing', (and I don't know that it is a word) certainly adds confusion to what is going on.

In summary, external ultrasound has been well described and utilized to assist in the removal of fat. EFM awaits further tools and studies before it can be applied and thought of as a method of reducing body fat as is able to be accomplished by our current methods of liposuction.

'Laser Liposuction'

Much of what was said above with respect to EMF can be said about 'laser liposuction'. Indeed a laser beam can be directed under the skin and can destroy fat. If this is the method let's call it 'laser-lipo-ablation' which translates to laser fat destruction. Now if a liposuction suction cannula (tube used for suction) is placed into the area to suck out the destroyed fat - then - why not call it laser assisted liposuction. It makes more sense. Call it LAL !!

Please note - the abbreviations used are not scientific or accepted ones. I merely made them up.

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