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Proud to bring you information via The Web since 1996

Plastic Surgeon

- The original method -


Internal ultrasound has been used in Europe since the mid eighties. Dr Michaelo Zocci from Turino Italia developed the technique. It caught on in the states in 1997 and has been the newest rage in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Internal ultrasonic involves the generation of ultrasound at a specific frequency. This sound is focused through a wire to a crystal. The crystal then causes a titanium rod to vibrate. The vibration is focused at the tip of the rod causing a 'jack hammer' effect. The rod vibrates millions of times a second at the tip but the tip only a few millionth's of an inch. The jackhammer hits the tissue and 'busts' it up. The result is a liquefaction of the fat. A central hole in the rod allows it to be sucked out.

The American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ASPRS) relatively mandated that their members attended a course on the new method. The vast majority of the surgeons I spoke with after the meeting showed a health respect for the method especially because of the complications that were reported.

Complications that were rare to non existent with liposuction as practiced over the past fifteen or more (91982 and on).

They include:

Skin necrosis
Serum collections
Larger incisions needed for suctioning

Unity Same Day Surgery Unit has available an internal (as well as an external) ultrasound machine. I have used it on each occasion since it was purchased. I could not believe that I would find this instrument as helpful as it has.
This new method has made the results of liposuction even more pleasing for the person and the doctor !!

What we and in particular - I have learned is that ULTRASONIC LIPOSUCTION allows fat

To be more easily removed

with less trauma to the skin and tissues

with less blood loss

allowing more fat to be removed per operation

and last but not least - with less effort on the part of the surgeon

Individuals used to be quite thankful after traditional liposuction - now they are as a rule - THRILLED with the results of surgery. I find it hard to believe that patient satisfaction has increased so dramatically !


I find that

more recovery time

more tingling and even tingling to the point of pain post op

numbness lasts longer (up to four weeks more)

swelling in the skin lasts longer

In spite of this point people are EXTREMELY PLEASED with the results of surgery.

Ultrasonic liposuction is an addition to traditional liposuction that has been practiced since 1982. Dr. Illouz of Paris popularized the current method of liposuction in the late 1970s and early 1980s. While it was thought that this new form of liposuction would pose a threat to the excellent safety record that traditional liposuction has enjoyed, so far the problems have been minor (see above) but the results even more impressive. Due to its safety and efficiency, standard liposuction has become the most frequently performed operation done by plastic surgeons.

In summary, the use of ultrasound and the performance of ultrasonic liposuction is here to stay. The use of the additional ultrasound makes surgery easier for the surgeon and the patient. It also allows treatment of difficult areas to be more easily operated. We anticipate and so far we have found that the addition of ultrasound will tighten the skin to a degree far more that had been hoped and there is also less bleeding.

On the horizon are even better methods of fat removal. Within the next few years we will see the development of microwave fat removal. Indeed who knows, the magic pill for obesity just may be a microwave wand!!!

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- Internal Ultrasonic Liposuction -

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