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Proud to bring you information via The Web since 1996

Plastic Surgeon

Board Certified in Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is art and science, combining surgical and artistic skill to enhance and restore physical appearance and self-esteem. Dr. Capuano completed eleven years of post medical school training in pursuit of his specialty. He is skilled in modern and advanced techniques of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

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Current experience and update 10 - 2005

For the most part, patients have done very well with the thread lifting techniques. Most are quite pleased with the result, lack of significant 'down time', and cost.

Problems have been encountered. I have removed one stitch and 'snit' the end off two other stitches. There have been no thread infections.

One very thin individual who had a prior face lift, will need a knot revision which will be done in the office, a 10 minute procedure.

There can be facial 'pain'. In our experience this has not been severe, and has diminished over time. So far no suture has had to be removed for pain. A Tylenol(r) has been taken sporadically when needed

What we are learning is that the effect of the stitch itself may not be as important as the lines of collagen that are formed around the threads. Some say that after 6 months the threads could be removed without changing the results. I will certainly be interested if this turns out to be the case.

Certainly - this is not a 'lunch time' lift as the media have tried to portray it. Because of the local anesthetic and the placement of sutures, there is swelling and bruising. It just might be a 'long week end' lift.

As is not unusual, realistic expectations are very important. Please remember that this is NOT a face lift. Please remember, that even face lift patients, can be less than totally pleased. Remember that even face lift patients are less than totally corrected. You can not expect a few threads to be better than a face lift (although I personally think that in some cases, it is pretty close !!). Realistic expectations are key. Also - other smaller procedures can enhance the result. And finally, a face lift can be done after thread lift.

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