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Proud to bring you information via The Web since 1996

Plastic Surgeon

Our Surgical and Non Surgical Expertise

Our surgical expertise has changed over the years. Currently cosmetic surgical procedures are the majority of surgical procedures requested by individuals.

Breast Augmentation or enlargement

Breast augmentation is a frequent surgery. It carries a high degree of patient satisfaction. Thousands of breasts have been augmented with minimal problems and a high degree of improvement and patient satisfaction. Our experience is extensive with both saline and silicone implants. Replacement of implants for failure (rupture), have been few.

Liposuction and Liposculpture

Liposuction of all types, from minimal contours of necks, hips or even ankles, to major large volume liposuction, is done with frequency. The availability of the Illouz technique, the tumescent technique, external ultrasonic assisted liposuction, internal ultrasonic assisted liposuction, and 'subsonic' ultrasonic techniques, along with our extensive experience from 1982, make these procedures, in the vast majority of cases, predictable as to their results.

Neck Liposuction and Liposculpture

Neck liposuction is frequently performed. This is a procedure that is done instead of a neck lift in appropriate individuals. It is amazing how skin will retract and contour. The younger individual benefits greatly by suction contouring of the neck. This operation has been done in the teen age years and in the eighth decade.

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is a surgery that is done on fairly young individuals as well older individuals. This procedure is known to 'freshen' one's look. The eyes are the first area to be noted when looking at someone. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is done on younger and older individuals seeking cosmetic improvement of their looks.

Jaw and Neck Lift

Jaw and neck lift - one of the procedures that really rejuvenates without 'changing' the individual radically is a very popular procedure. It leaves the mid face somewhat improved without the extensiveness and significant or 'radical' change as some people see it. It is a procedure that is done in individuals who are relatively satisfied with the way they look.

Brow Lift or Temporal Lift

Brow lift which is a temporal lift is an operation that can rejuvenate the older individual or enhance the look of a younger individual. The brow and temple area is lifted to help arch the eyebrows. Arching only the outside of the brow is usually done. Arching the inside eyebrows can give a startled look. This operation has been done in individuals in their twenties

Full Face Lift Surgery

Full face lift surgery is considered a fairly extensive procedure. In today's day and age, and in my experience, a full face lift (neck, jaw, cheeks, temples, forehead), is not an operation that is requested or 'needed' by most individuals seeking improvement in their 'look'.

While cosmetic surgery is accepted by most in today's day and age - many people do not want to advertise their changes. "Less is more" is our current way of thinking. The use of localized lifts with less down time - is becoming much more popular. Many individuals are desirous of having the rejuvenation in stages. Extensive full face lifting can result in the 'where did I go' syndrome or the 'is that her / him ?' comment. It is not desired by many as it can change the basic 'you'.

Since many individuals basically like themselves, they do not want radical changes. Lesser procedures are also compatible with more work schedules. While associated with more down time, facelifts are still requested by individuals who want a major change and have some extra time (about two weeks) to recuperate.

Nasalplasty Rhinoplasty Nasal Surgery for Breathing Problems

Nasal surgery for both cosmetic and functional reasons (can't breathe well through the nose) is a frequent operative procedure. Many years of experience have enabled fairly predictable results. Subtle problems can be improved in many instances

Skin Care and Rejuvination

Skin care is the everyday foundation for maintaining and rejuvenating one's 'look'. One can lift and tuck but unless the skin is smooth and healthy looking, lifts and tucks will not be as effective a rejuvenation as one might hope for. We recommend certain skin care products not only because the manufacturer representatives say so and because we have evaluated the claims, but also because of the personal use and experience of our staff. We help sort out the effective products with the least side effects and the greatest benefits. We also recommend the method of application and the timing for the products chosen. With the thousands of products out there, sometimes you need a little help in keying in on the 'good ones'.

Visit our on line SKIN CARE PRODUCTS AREA. A wide variety of products are available either to be picked up at our office or shipped directly to you.


BOTOX™is such a popular method of improvement that it is mentioned separately. BOTOX™has been very effective in smoothing deep wrinkles. The frown lines, forehead lines and 'crows feet' around the lids are usually markedly improved. Two to three treatments each year may be indicated.

Additional Services

Microdermabrasion, Pulsed light therapy, and laser hair removal are also offered. Wonderful results have been obtained. "Less is sometimes more" pertains

Many other ancillary procedures such as facial implants, injectables including Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, fat transfer, etc, are available.

The goal of our treatments is to provide rejuvenation with a minimum of down time and most of all to minimize the risks in accomplishing individual goals.

Thank you for your interest in our pages.


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