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Proud to bring you information via The Web since 1996

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February, 1996

Dr Donald J. Capuano, Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, is on line (Internet and World Wide Web) to provide information to anyone 'surfing the net'.

Information about Unity Hospital and the Ambulatory Surgery Center, the first area hospital center for cosmetic surgery referrals can be viewed at http:/ or by calling 1-585-723-8830.

For those who need hard copies of the web pages, information can be obtained by 'file' / 'print', fax or mail by calling 585 225 0680. Our office staff will try to get you information as soon as possible.

Now that cosmetic surgery has been highly publicized and more people are seeking cosmetic enhancements, Unity Hospital has expanded its role in providing these services.

In 1992 Unity Hospital (then called Park Ridge Hospital) and staff  Plastic Surgeons began a Cosmetic Referral Service to assist patients seeking information about cosmetic surgery. The service has taken hundreds of calls. Information about surgery is given by experienced and knowledgeable staff. The service continues in conjunction with the Department of Plastic Surgery. Referrals are made to those Board Certified in Plastic Surgery or to those Plastic Surgeons who are Board Eligible in Plastic Surgery and who take a special interest in Cosmetic Surgery. Call 585 723 8830.

The hospital has provided extremely competent and dedicated care by Registered Nurses specializing in the care of individuals seeking cosmetic surgery. The nursing staff at the Ambulatory Center specializes not only in the physical care but are experienced and interested in providing emotional support for cosmetic surgery patients. Some nurses have taken interest in specialized areas such as liposuction. Up to date techniques and the introduction of new techniques such as liposuction in 1982, tumescent liposuction in the late 1980s, endoscopic small incision cosmetic surgery have been some of the state of the art techniques introduced or performed at Unity Hospital.

The Hospital has been extremely cooperative in trying to provide very reasonable rates for services. The hospital administration has taken time to assure that very specific procedures are cost listed. This enables individuals to have less extensive surgery.

Safety is an important aspect of cosmetic surgery. The Ambulatory Surgery Center at Unity Hospital was the second such center approved by the State of New York to provide ambulatory (usually same day ) surgery. It is a facility approved by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Hospitals Organization (JCAHO). The Ambulatory unit has a history of providing safe ambulatory services to an estimated seventy thousand individuals. The availability of highly trained and Board Certified anesthesiologists enables the Plastic Surgeon to deliver care to a diversified age group. Cosmetic surgery is available for the young and for those who are young in their eighth and ninth decades !!!

'Extended' or 'overnight stay' services have been available through the ambulatory unit for many years. Individuals having extensive cosmetic surgery have the option of an extended stay. For a very reasonable cost an overnight stay arrangement can be made for a supervised recovery under the direction of the plastic surgeon. Some individuals like the security of the extended stay. Some who live far from the city may elect to stay overnight. While the service is not usually needed, it is and has been available at a reasonable cost.

The hospital has worked with the staff plastic surgeons over many years to make Unity a leader in cosmetic surgery. Our mutual goal continues to be personalized, quality surgical care for a spectrum of age groups at a reasonable cost but most of all, with safety.

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