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Plastic Surgeon

Board Certified in Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is art and science, combining surgical and artistic skill to enhance and restore physical appearance and self-esteem. Dr. Capuano completed eleven years of post medical school training in pursuit of his specialty. He is skilled in modern and advanced techniques of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


An Update (10-2004)

Please see our original web page of 2003.

Staying up to date in plastic Surgery requires constant vigilance.

'New' Developments

As has been said many times - What is new is not always new !!

During February of 2003, comments about mesotherapy were made to WOKR Channel 10, TV Rochester, NY. During this interview, the history of mesotherapy was reviewed. The fact that MESOTHERAPY was about to become 'new' and 'big' in the United States was discussed. Prior to the TV station's awareness, an opinion had been presented on the web for months. Actually, Mesotherapy began for all intents in 1952 in France. We have reviewed the history of mesotherapy which is available for your review on another page. Please see . So 'what's new', isn't really 'new'.

During 2004, Mesotherapy has indeed become 'big' and 'new' in the USA. As fortune would have it, the French Physician who developed the technique recently passed away - not to see the burgeoning of his technique in the 'States' While mesotherapy in many forms have been used in our office for years, mesotherapy for fat removal is now being offered.

Dr. Capuano, along with is prior methods and experience using mesotherapy, has attended current concept teaching conferences on newer methods in mesotherapy. Physicians from South Beach, Paris and New York, have lectured extensively re the techniques that they use. During the 2004 meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, in Philadelphia, Mesotherapy was a highlight of the meeting. Dr. Capuano Attended the meeting and the meeting was review by The Cosmetic Surgery News (see

From the scientific point of view, mesotherapy has been, and is a logical method of improving various conditions, including 'fat melting' for local fat deposits.

What is important is to realize, is the limitations of the procedure.

Removal of large volumes of fat is not currently possible.

Further the individual must not think that overeating can accompany the use of mesotherapy. As the 'South Beach' mesotherapist says, 'You can never take it off as fast as they can eat it on' !

The individual seeking therapy must accept the fact that some of the compounds, elements, mixtures, etc are 'off label use' or not approved in the United States for therapy. They may or may not be OK in other countries such as France, Italy and South America, but here in the States, approval by the FDA may not be forthcoming. The patient should not under go the treatment unless they agree to the off label use of what is injected.

Areas of Treatment may include Hips - Abdomen - Thighs - Neck - Lids - Arms, Etc

Treatments are not a one time situation. Four to ten, and sometimes more, treatments may be needed. Depending on the area for treatment, the cost on average may be 200 USD to 600 USD per session, (as of 10-2004).

Finally, as was noted previously, by my learned Plastic Surgical Colleague from Milan, used correctly, mesotherapy can be an excellent tool in body contouring.

Please see our original web page of 2003.


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