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Plastic Surgeon

Patient Information Regarding Mastopexy

You are interested in information regarding the surgical procedure for correction of breast sagging known as mastopexy.

The Doctor will discuss with you the operative procedure, the possible risks and complications of the operation, and the results that may be anticipated.

This surgery involves repositioning of breast tissue. Long incisions are necessary to accomplish this. This means that there are long scars as a result of this surgery.

Other risks of surgery include, but are not limited to bleeding, infection, loss of sensation in part or completely in some areas of the breast and/or nipple, the possible need for further surgery, unequalness of the breasts or nipples, anesthetic problems, etc. Severe complications are not anticipated. The need for secondary revision of scars is possible.

We ask that you refrain from taking aspirin or products containing aspirin for at least two weeks prior to your surgery. Do not eat apples, as they contain an aspirin-like substance.

If this procedure is done on an out-patient basis, the surgery is performed in the morning, and you should be able to return home in the afternoon. We ask that you shower the morning of your surgery. Please do not apply lotions, creams or powders before undergoing surgery.

Following your surgery, you will have a dressing in place around your chest. This should remain clean, dry and on until you are seen in the office.

You will be given medications for swelling, discomfort and infection. Please take all medications as prescribed, and finish all prescriptions unless advised otherwise. If you have a problem with a medication, please call the office.

"Black and blue", swelling, localized areas of discomfort and temporary numbness are expected and usually take one to two weeks to resolve, although some symptoms may take longer to resolve. If you experience a sudden onset of discomfort and/or swelling, and/or fever and/or drainage, please call the office promptly. You should rest and relax at home following your surgery. Do not engage in any stressful activities. You should keep your elbows close to your sides. If you are unsure of any activity, please call the office.

At the time of your first office visit, the dressing will be removed. You will be advised regarding wound care. If the wounds are healing 100 percent, a dry dressing is all that is needed. If there is wound opening or areas of infections, then frequent office visits and special wound care at home may be needed.

Sutures are usually removed ten days to two weeks following surgery, depending upon wound healing.

It is sometimes necessary to undergo secondary surgery for better results. Most commonly, secondary surgery is performed to revise scars and/or adjust the position of the nipples, and/or to change the contour of the breasts.

The estimated time away from work depends to a large extent upon the nature of your job. Under usual circumstances, one to two weeks is needed before moderate activity can be resumed. Problems with wound healing may delay your return to work, although such problems are rare. Those individuals with jobs requiring extensive and/or repeated use of the arms may require more time away from work. Please discuss your job activities with the Doctor so you may obtain a better estimate of time away from work.

Ask the Doctor about any activity you have in mind of which you are unsure. Regaining your full level of activity will be an individual matter, and may take some time. Full activity is usually reached between three to four weeks following surgery.

Please be aware that nature and gravity continue to work following surgery, and the breasts may fall even after surgery. Weight loss, pregnancy, etc. can change the configuration of the breasts, and nipple position may change due to these factors. Whether or not these changes occur, and at what time during the post-operative stage cannot be determined. This depends upon the individual. Many factors can affect the configuration of the breasts, including aging, hormones, the texture of the skin, individual activity, etc.

Photographs, video taping and/or drawings will be done before, possibly during and after your surgery. If photographs have not been taken, please let us know. You will not be identified in the photos, except for our office records.

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