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Donald J Capuano MD

This information is provided for your general information How such information exactly applies to an individual would depend on a face to face history, examination, perhaps laboratory exams and individual treatment plan.

Further because of the nature of electronic media and information - there is no doctor - patient relationship but merely a general information display -

In reading the displayed information about plastic and cosmetic surgery you should understand that the information is general information.

Individuals having a history, signs and symptoms that are quite similar may have quite different diagnoses it is impossible for two humans to have exactly alike problems. thus anything you take away from reading these pages may pertain to you in part, but not exactly and not altogether.

Further, it is impossible to accurately present information that pertains without knowing the specifics and without an examination, etc. please note that an examination might necessitate a biopsy of tissue.

Needless to say, but it has to be stated - the display of general information does not constitute a professional relationship of any type.

If you have e-mailed me more specific information and if I have replied - it is especially important that you understand that the e-mail reply is general information

To repeat once again, in order to formulate and give information that is correct from Dr Capuano's experience including a working diagnosis and treatment plan about a condition, it is necessary that a history, physical exam, perhaps tests, perhaps medication trials, perhaps follow up visits to observe the effect of treatment, etc. are obtained. Over the web, this is impossible of course given the nature of the electronic media .

Under no circumstance are we able by this electronic media, to offer exact information, diagnosis or suggest exactly what might be done for you.

If you do not live in the Rochester, NY area then your personal physician or a board certified or a board eligible member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons should be your local resource to guide you to the ultimate determination as to the nature of your problem, your diagnosis and treatment plan.

The material on the Dr Capuano's pages is copyrighted and ise not to be reproduced, copied, electronically stored for further transmission without Dr Capuano's permission.

The material posted on the web is the experience and methodology of Dr Capuano and may be or may not be his most current method of operation. Science and technology do change frequently.

Updating the hundreds of pages is impossible. Just as editions of books are needed, so to are there editions of the web site. It also points out why it is so important to be seen in consultation for a 'real time' evaluation of your problem and use other sources for information.

Since physicians have different methods of doing operations, Dr. Capuano makes no guarantees, warranties or assurances that the information on these pages is in every respect accurate or complete. There may be errors or omissions. Just as some say there is no perfect book - these pages are not perfect.

The information on this web site are Dr Capuano's opinion gathered from experience and study. Individuals using this information should seek out information from other sites, books, physicians, medical personnel, etc. This is necessary as methods and approaches to 'problems' vary. If you think that a certain procedure might help you need to further check out the procedure and obtain more information about it.

About our Product Center

The products listed are available without a prescription. There are made available to my patients and web surfers as they are economical. If you should use these products, we suggest that whatever you begin to use, you begin to use slowly. If there is irritation due to the products, discontinue that product. Follow all instructions on the labels. Again Dr. Capuano can give no warranties or assurances about any product or its use.

About photos

Photos are displayed as general examples. They do not imply that any one person viewing them will have the same result even though the original picture may look similar to your condition. Similar conditions can have dissimilar results. Some people do better than others for many reasons.

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