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Plastic Surgeon

Silktouch Laser Skin Resurfacing

You are interested in information regarding laser skin resurfacing. This procedure involves the use of our in-office Sharplan SilkTouch laser to treat lines, wrinkles, and other skin problems.

Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth can be smoothed. Deep laugh and frown creases can be softened. Some acne and surgical scars can be minimized, and some skin lesions can be removed by the use of the laser. The surface of the skin can be "refreshed", revealing new skin underneath and stimulating a renewal of the skin's collagen.

Your skin type plays an important role in your eventual result, and this will be discussed when seen in the office. You should inform the Doctor if you have a history of herpes (cold sores), healing problems, prior chemical peels or dermabrasions, sun sensitivity, etc. Your ethnic background can also affect your results. Tell the Doctor what medications you are presently taking and if you have used Accutane for acne in the past year.

This procedure is usually done in Dr. Capuano's office. You will most probably be given prescriptions for medications to take and directions regarding when to take them before your treatment. Depending upon the medications prescribed and the extensiveness of the procedure, it may be advisable to have someone drive you to your appointment. The procedure itself takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours. In some cases local anesthesia is used.

You will be given instructions regarding wound care following the procedure. It is important to follow these instructions and call the office if you feel you are having a problem. You will be seen in the office in follow up.

The first few days after the procedure are the worst as far as the way you and your skin will look. There may be prolonged redness, which can be covered with makeup after the skin has healed, which is usually sometime after the first week. This redness can last for months in some cases, so camouflage makeup will be important during this phase of recovery. Because of this, we have found that women are usually better candidates for laser skin re-surfacing.

Depending on the extensiveness of your situation and the results desired, more than one laser re-surfacing treatment may be indicated. This is especially true with deep lines. Dr. Capuano will discuss this with you.

If you have any questions about this procedure or any other, you can call the office at 585-225-0680.



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